Time to talk about a game I’ve played quite a bit lately: Hearthstone!

It’s a new collectible card game(CCG) from Blizzard Entertainment currently in closed beta.

I’ve played Magic the Gathering(MtG) on and off for about 15 years. A year or so ago I wanted to start MtG again, but none of my friends play, so I looked into MtG online which I found to be to expensive. I discovered the open software cockatrice and played a bit on there but then the servers got shut down by Hasbro.

Then Hearthstone was announced…

The World Sajana

Hello there,

my first D&D blog entry will be about how I got into D&D and the world I’m building for my D&D campaign.
Well I got into D&D through Starcraft 2 :D
I watched quite a bit of SC2 Tournaments and one day commentator/content producer (itmejp) started the show Rollplay, where he plays D&D with a group of other SC2/E-Sports personalities.

I watched the first episodes and became straight hooked to D&D, it just looked awesome.
I bought some books asked…

Hello and welcome to my little blog!

First things first, a few words about myself.

I’m Patrick, an 22 year old computer science student at University of Applied Sciences Augsburg. I’m currently in the 7th semester and have 2 more to go. Some of the things I do in my free time and will be posting about here are the D&D campaign I’m DMing at the moment and the world I’m building for it, maybe some other D&D stuff as well. I just received a Hearthstone beta key and am really enjoying it so I will post some things about that to. Another thing is Starcraft 2, GO E-Sports!!
I also do some web design e.g. this website I made for a friend.

I hope you enjoy the read, any questing, critique etc. is greatly appreciated!